Ash City Worldwide is an innovative manufacturing and distribution company that provides customizable promotional apparel for corporate and casual markets. Over the last 35 years and led by a visionary management team, the company has grown from a small distribution centre in Toronto to an organization that staffs over 500 employees worldwide, including Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

The success of Ash City can be traced back to the people behind the company, confirming our belief that our people are our most important resource. Ash City fosters a family environment in which teamwork is encouraged and highly utilized. Each and every customer order is touched indirectly by practically every function of the company, progressing from our production department through to customer service and ending with distribution. All areas of the company work together seamlessly to ensure the final goal of total customer satisfaction is achieved.

Long-term growth has always been a priority at Ash City. As a result, we are continuously re-evaluating and improving our operations, including the way we sell our products and the services we provide to our customers. We will continue to build our business on outstanding product selection and unsurpassed service. Beginning with the best performance-driven fabrics, creating fashion forward designs through product innovation, manufacturing with uncompromising quality standards and a commitment to deep inventory, we are able to provide the highest level of satisfaction with the greatest product value to our customers.

Going Green is not just a trend at Ash City; you can find it in all aspects of our business. The company recognizes the negative effects that production can have on the environment, and with this in mind, Ash City has taken steps to eliminate unnecessary pollution. In early 2007, Ash City introduced its e.c.o (ecological clothing options) line of clothing. By utilizing organic, sustainable, renewable and recycled fibers in our fabrics we are able to produce eco-friendly apparel that helps lessen the burden on our globe’s natural resources. The new corporate headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario has also been recognized as being energy-efficient through reducing energy consumption by more than 50%, recycling products and reusing rainwater runoff to irrigate our surrounding lawns.